AKA Cityblock (Super Soft) on White Wheel (pair)

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The CITYBLOCK was the first pin on block design tyre and sparked a host of copies across the industry. This innovative approach to tread design launched a tyre that is unmatched in its versatility. From loose dusty tracks to high bite hard packed tracks the CITYBLOCK will deliver consistent performance and has become the work horse of the AKA tyre line. You can't go wrong with a set of these in your tyre collection.

EVO Wheel: R-Line pre-mounts feature our EVO wheel which is designed to withstand the higher G-loads of modern 1:8 buggies with less deflection without giving up durability. You can also use the optional wheels stiffeners (34003Y or W) to further stiffen the wheel but still have a wheel that is the same weight as a standard wheel. 

Red Insert (Soft): R-Line pre-mounts also feature our new soft red insert. The red insert is designed to soak up the big bumps with its fluted I.D. while still holding its shape in the turns to increase corner speed and consistency.

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