AMT 1969 Chevy Camaro (Yenko) 1:25

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We present one of the absolute classics of the golden era of American "Muscle-cars" from the late 1960s - Chevrolet "Chevy" Camaro in the Yenko version from 1969!

An absolute must for every fan of Ford Mustangs, Dodge Challengers or Chevrolet Impala from the late 1960s - long hood, powerful engines and stylistic delights in the form of double belts or oversized rims. 

The AMT model is a replica, so it faithfully reflects all the details of the real Yenko Camaro in 1:25 scale. The set also allows for individual configuration of the model. So at your disposal (to choose from) we get, for example, a classic Camaro "SS" mask or a "Yenko" mask, 4 characteristically thick tires with "sunken" disc rims or sports tires marked with the "GoodYear" logo and spoked rims. In addition, the obligatory V8 .427 engine and many, many other details such as chrome bumper moldings, "Yenko" stickers and distinctive fog lights on the front registration plate. 


  • Scale 1:25
  • Authentic "Yenko" stickers
  • Vintage packaging
  • 4 street tires with disc rims
  • 4 tires with Goodyear logo and 5-spoke rims
  • Optional "Cross Ram" split exhaust
  • 427 cubic inch V8 engine
  • Camaro "SS" bonnet
  • Camaro "Yenko" mask
  • Detailed "Camaro" grill
  • Detailed bucket seats


This is model kit that comes as set of parts and has to be built using glue, paints and modeling tools!

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