Dromida KODO HD UAV Camera Quadcopter RTF

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The KODO HD is an easy-to-fly quadcopter with an integral digital camera possessing photo and video functions.
The improved multi-axial stabilizing system ensures simple operation and ease of control. Even novice pilots can quickly learn to control the model and become capable of fascinating aerial photography. The camera lens has a traversable mount so that you are able to determine the camera angle for your
aerial pictures.
The 350mAh LiPo battery supplies KODO HD with sufficient power for long flights. The auto-flip function allows spectacular stunts at the push of a button, and gives your pictures an even more astounding aspect.
Delivery includes the finished model with camera, and all necessary equipment such as RC-components, battery, charger, memory card and USB card reader.
With KODO HD you can experience impressive flights from a completely different viewpoint!

- 1080p Full HD camera with photo and video function
- Auto-fl ip function
-Easy to fl y thanks to especially stable and mild fl ight behavior
- Pre-installed prop guards
- Long fl ight times
- All components necessary for operation are included in the delivery

Technical specifications:
Diagonal between rotor hubs: 106 mm
Length: 85 mm
Height: 43 mm
Weight around: 40 g

RC functions:
Motor, pitch, roll, yaw, camera

- All components necessary for operation are included


Fully assembled KODO HD quadcopter
- Pre-installed full HD digital 1080p photo/video camera
- 2.4GHz RC-system
- 350mAh LiPo fl ight battery
- USB charger
- 2GB micro SD card
- USB micro SD card reader
- AAA transmitter batteries, 2 pieces
- Replacement rotor blades, 4 pieces
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