Hobao Hyper VSE Pro Buggy Electric 1/8 80% ARR Roller (Clear Body)

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The TOP version of the Hyper VSE Buggy series. The pre-assembled scooter is already equipped with tuning parts from the factory, so no subsequent, time-consuming retrofitting is necessary. 100% driving pleasure from the beginning!  
Perfect for all pilots who want to call their own top-equipped vehicle their own but prefer to make their own choices for the components. 
The chassis geometry is optimized for use on the race track. Aggressive and precise steering behavior, optimal weight distribution guarantees perfect jump balance.

The 80% ARR version of the Hyper VSE PRO buggy will immediately inspire every pilot in terms of component quality and driving dynamics.   


  • ARR - Almost Ready to Race, factory pre-assembled
  • Aluminum engine mounting
  • New C-Hub suspension with CVD front drive shafts
  • Sturdy wishbone front and rear
  • Stabilizers on front and rear axle
  • 17mm Big Bore Aluminum Oil Shock Absorber
  • Protected RC box
  • Clear Lexan body already cut out

Additionally installed tuning parts:

  • Reinforcement of lower wishbones front and rear with precisely inserted 2mm carbon fiber milled parts.
  • Milled rear damper bridge made of 4mm carbon fiber
  • CNC machined 4mm front double bridge made of 7075 aluminum
  • Various milled carbon fiber parts for Mitteldiff- and Servosaverbefestigung
  • Cardan drive shafts in the back
  • CNC milled aluminum holder for the lower wishbones
  • Enclosed 3 additional different strong stabilizers for front and rear
  • Tires with tailored foam inserts
  • And much more

Technical specifications:

Scale: 1/8 
Drive: 4WD 
Length: 460mm 
Width: 306mm 
Height: 140mm 
Wheelbase: 322mm 
Weight without battery, without RC: ca. 2.71kg


Ready-built vehicle including clear Lexan body, tires and rims

Required accessories:

1x remote control with receiver and servo 
1x controller and drive motor 
1x drive 
battery 1x charger

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