Hobbywing XR8 Plus-4274-2250kV Combo 1/8 Truck, Monster

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Engage the turbo, because with the Xerun XR8 G3 combo for 1: 8 all trucks and buggies you are well equipped for pretty much every journey. A perfectly matched interplay between controller and motor gives you maximum performance that would not be possible in any other combination. So enjoy the advantage of buying the motor and controller as a combo without having to worry about possible alternatives.

Features :

  • High reliability
    Thanks to years of further development of product technology, the XR8 now has more powerful hardware and software than its predecessor. Reliable hardware combined with the most modern software allow the XERUN XR8 controller to provide an even more aggressive performance and yet it is protected against overload. This makes the controller very reliable and durable.
  • Dynamic program control
    The world's first 1/8 controller which has adopted the successful and popular "Dynamic Timing" technology from the 1/10 on-road scene. This guarantees a much wider range of adjustable output power and also improved efficiency and sensitivity
  • Almost maintenance-free
    The entire controller, with the exception of the fan, is basically maintenance-free. Only the fan cover has to be removed to replace the fan if necessary. It is therefore not necessary to open the housing or the like and the whole process can be carried out quickly and smoothly
  • 100% sensor mode
    This motor has a built-in chip which allows the controller to recognize whether the motor is a Hobbywing motor (if it is operated with a XERUN XR8 or XR8 Plus). This combination results in a drive system that is 100% sensor-controlled and therefore offers more power and can therefore be controlled even more sensitively.
  • Turbo Timing Technology
    When used with a controller of the XERUN XR8 series, "Turbo Timing" can be activated. This is already used very successfully on a 1/10 scale and also releases the last and maximum power reserves of the engine
  • Low cogging torque
    The first motor with an innovative 4 pole / 8 magnet (staggered pole) rotor technology, which has an extremely low cogging torque and low torque pulse. (Up to 85% reduced compared to common 1/8 motors)

Technical specifications:


Cont. / Peak current: 150A / 950A
Engine type: Sensored Brushless
Sensorless Brushless
Applications: 1 / 8th touring car, buggy, truggy and truck with high-end configuration for racing
Motor Limits Brushless: 4S LiPo / 12S NiMH: KV = 3000 (4274 size)
6S LiPo / 18S NiMH: KV = 2400 (4274 size)
LiPo / NiMH cells: 6-18S NiMH
2-6S LiPo
Internal resistance: 0.0002 ohms
BEC output: 6V / 7.2V with 6A (switchable)
Fan: Yes (supply via built-in BEC)
Size (LxWxH): 58.7 x 48 x 36.9mm
Weight: 127g (without cable)
Programming input: Fan / PRG input
 ESC programming: LCD program box


Scale: 1/8
Type: Brushless sensored
Pole: 4th
RPM per volt: 2250 KV
LiPo: 2-6S
Consumption without load: 5A
Timing: 20-40 degrees (adjustable)
Outside diameter: 42mm
Length: 74mm
Shaft diameter: 5mm
Weight: 354g
Application: 1/8 truck, monster truck

Set includes:

  • ESC - Xerun XR8 Plus Brushless ESC 150A, 2-6s LiPo, BEC 6A
  • Electric motor - Xerun 4274 SD G3 2250kv
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