ISDT K1 DUO Charger (AC/DC)

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The new iSDT K1 DUO loader is a powerful, compact all-round loader. Thanks to the integrated power supply unit with 100W power, you can quickly charge up to 200W power at home at the 230V socket, which is divided up per port as required.

If the K1 DUO charger is supplied with direct voltage, for example by a battery or an external more powerful power supply unit, up to 2x 250W power is possible! (> 24V required!)

1-6s LiXx cells can be charged. The extremely powerful balancer delivers up to 0.5A / cell, so your batteries are optimally treated and a maximum of performance is guaranteed.

The easy-to-read 2.4 "IPS display is easy to read even in direct sunlight. This is done very intuitively and accurately with the 3 buttons per charging port.

The USB-C port can be used for software updates.

Thanks to the compact design of the 135 x 115 x 49 and only 485g weight, the K1 is easy to use on the move.



Adjustable charging current per output: 0.2-10A
Balancer equalizing current per output: 0.5A
Max. Number of NiCd / NiMH batteries: 1-16s
Maximum power: 100W AC / 2x 250W DC
Charging power max. At one output: 100W AC, 250W DC
Max. Charging current: 10A
Length (mm): 135
Input current limit: 20A
Max. Voltage lead-acid batteries: 24V
Max number of LiPo cells: 6
Max number of LiHv cells: 6
Input voltage: AC 100-240V, DC 10-30V
Integrated power supply: Yes
Connector type input: Power plug / XT60
Connector type charging output: XT60i
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