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Hobbywing XR8 Pro G2 harjavaba ESC 200A 2-4s LiPo, BEC 6A

Tootekood: HW30113302
EAN: 6938994408554
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Hetkel otsas
165,00 €
Kogus: - +
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The XR8 Pro G2 controller paves the way for a completely new generation of controllers. Designed for use for 2-4S LiPos or 6-12 cell NiMH batteries, the optimized cable routing and the elegant appearance are examples of the high-quality workmanship. Compared to the XR8 Plus controller, it is also lighter and smaller. So it is easy to see how much thought has been given to a good, user-friendly product design.

In terms of functionality, points are scored with an extended BEC of 6-8.4V in 0.1V steps. This means that even more servos can be addressed than with conventional controllers. The greatly increased capacitance of the capacitors is also a real improvement. And those who value performance measurement themselves will of course get their money's worth. Because if the controller is linked to the Hobbywing application, the collected data can not only be evaluated, but also viewed live.



  • Almost 30 different setting parameters
  • Full-sensored mode support (when operated with a suitable HOBBYWING motor)
  • Super BEC with max.15A and 6-8.4V for the use of various servos 
  • Internal protection against incorrect connection of the battery
  • Thermal protection of the capacitors so that explosions are prevented
  • Easiest programming possible without cables with the WiFi module or OTA programmer and a smartphone
  • Evaluate the data offline and in real time with the associated app
Tüüp: Harjavaba, sensoriga
Voolutugevus  pidev / hetkeline: 200A / 1080A
Aku (sisendpinge): 2S-4S LiPo (7,4-14,8V)
BEC: 6V-8.4V / 6A
Veekindel: EI

- LCD programmeerimisseade

 - Wifi moodul
- OTA programmeerimismoodul
- Programming interface

Mõõdud: 56.1x42.1x38.6mm
30x30x10mm (ventilaator)
Mass: 114g
Kasutus: 1/8 off-road, on-road, truggy

Müügipakend sisaldab:

1x ESC
1x manual (inglise keeles)

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