Ko Propo EX-2 Standard Edition raadiosüsteem KR-241FH vastuvõtjaga

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ntry-level remote control, compatible with EX-1 components and additional mode for Kyosho MHS Mini-Z Sstem.

Lightweight case for the fastest lap in the race

KOPropo has developed the EX-2 based on the technology of the EX-1. The driver can thus use the best performance. The EX-2 uses the FHSS technology and can be operated with the same receivers as the EX-1. In addition, all the optional accessories of the EX-1 are compatible with the EX-2.

Compatible with the new Kyosho MHS Mini-Z system
In addition to the FHSS system, the EX-2 is also compatible with the new MHS Mini-z system. Thus, the EX-2 can be used for normal RC cars as well as the new Mini-z models. 
Note: Kyosho MHS information can be found on the Kyosho website. 
              This product can NOT be used with ASF Mini-z. 
              Mini-z is a registered trademark of Kyosho.

Two position angle display
The LCD display can be mounted in two different angles as shown.

Supports high-quality features with ease of use
The new design of the menu is very clear. Each menu is displayed like an icon, so it makes sense and easy to browse. The new menu structure also simplifies the setting of the vehicle.  
High-level functions have been modified to make operation even easier. So eg gas ABS and acceleration mixed to "CYCLE", curve and Punsh mixed to "DYNAMICS" and "Trim Set" for quick adjustment of trim and rash.

Same functions as the EX-1 throttle
The 3D throttle is the same as the EX-1. Thus, it can be adjusted individually to the individual needs of the driver.

Compact and lightweight Master Unit
The Master Unit is lightweight and easy to use. redesigned for a new weight distribution. The EX-2 is very compact and lightweight which makes it very useful in use. The new, short antenna design reduces damage, it is firmly connected to the system.

KIY Concept as with the EX-1
KO PROPO introduces the new Kustomize It Yourself (KIY), a modular system with interchangeable components that allows the user to create a tailor-made system. 
Bring more enjoyment and fun into your hobby.

Set with new KR-241FH receiver
The EX-2 Standard Edition includes the EX-2 remote control and the new 4-channel FHSS KR-241FH receiver. You can connect other receivers and also use other accessories of the KIY series.


Details of the set

Mater Unit EX-2 
+ Steering Unit 
+ Basic Grip Unit 
+ Stand Unit 
+ LCD Expansion Unit EXP-104 
+ KR-241FH 

Dimensions: 240 × 163 × 107mm
Weight: 510g (without batteries) 
Current: 150mA
RO3 / AAA / UM4 batteries x 4
Operating time: 6 hours (Depends on the batteries used) 
10 Model Memory

Menu Functions
Model Select / Model Name / Model Copy / Model Reset


Pairing / Modulation Setting (FH / MHS) / Key Setting / Display / Battery / Calculator / Sound / VR Information / Key Speed / Operation Alarm

Steering Auto Trim / Steering Auto Balance / Steering Travel / Steering Balance / Steering Trim / Steering Sub Trim / Steering Trim Rate / Steering Turn Speed / Steering Return Speed / Steering Curve / Steering Punch / Steering Feel / Steering Reverse

Throttle Travel Throttle Trim / Throttle Sub Trim // Throttle Trim Rate / Throttle Turn Speed / Throttle Retun Speed / Thrilled Curve / Throttle Punch / Throttle Feel / Throttle Accelerator / ABS (Auto Start) / Neutral Brake / Idle Up / Brake Override / Throttle Reverse

[3 / 4CH]
2WAY / 3WAY / 5WAY / Analog / Gyro / Twin Servo / 4WS / Amp Mixing / Throttle Mixing

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