ProLine Pro-Spline HD teleskoopkardaanid (E-Revo & Summit) (2tk)

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This is a pair of Pro-Spline HD Axles for E-REVO® & SUMMIT®. Pro-Line is proud to introduce the pre-assembled Pro-Spline HD Axles for the Front and Rear of the E-REVO® & SUMMIT®! The Pro-Spline HD Technology debuted on the Pro-Line PRO-MT Kit and is designed to handle some serious power. Well the E-REVO® sized axles are even Bigger and Stronger! Made from Hardened Black Oxide coated Steel, the Pro-Spline drive shafts have a true 6-sided spline that slides smoothly throughout the suspension travel without having to worry about stripping out like the stock plastic drive shafts.

The pins are held in place by fully surrounded steel springs and M3 set screws on both ends to handle extreme performance. To top it all off the E-REVO® & SUMMIT® Pro-Spline HD Axles are Pre-Assembled to get you back to bashing faster than ever!

If you are looking for the Ultimate drive shaft Upgrade for your Traxxas® Truck then look no further than the Pro-Spline HD Axles brought to you by Pro-Line!


  • Made from Hardened Black Oxide Coated Steel
  • True 6-Sided Sliding Spline for Smooth Suspension Action
  • Steel Springs fully surround the Pins to keep them in Place
  • No More Stripping Plastic Shafts
  • Lay Down Some Serious Power
  • Ultimate Drive Shaft Upgrade
  • Conveniently Pre-Assembled *Some Assembly and Installation Required


Assembled Pro-Spline HD Axles for E-REVO® & SUMMIT® (2 pcs)
Which includes the following (Replacement Reference):


  • Replacement Pro-Spline HD Axle Pins & Clips (6274-01)
  • Replacement Pro-Spline HD Outdrive (6274-02)
  • Replacement Pro-Spline HD Male Drive Shaft (6274-03)
  • Replacement Pro-Spline HD Female Drive Shaft (6274-04)
  • Replacement Pro-Spline HD Axle (6274-05)
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