Vampire Racing 6000mAh 80C 7.6v 2S Stick Pack LiPo-HV

Tootekood: VR-1030
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Tellimisel
96,00 €
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Available now from Vampire Racing is the new 6000mAh 80C LiHV competition battery pack. Made from high-quality high-voltage Lithium-Polymer cells with a constant 80C rating the battery offers a nominal voltage of 7.6V, it weighs in at 305g and extensive testing has shown exceptional performance and durability. The pack utilises 5mm tube-type connectors, Vampire Racing's new black design stickers and it is both EFRA and BRCA legal.

 Weight: 305g

Capacity: 6000mAh

C-rating: 80C konstant

Dimensions: 25.1x47x139mmPlugs: 5mm bullet-type

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