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Element RC 1/10 Enduro Trailrunner RTR, Fire Oranž

Tootekood: AE40106
EAN: 784695401068
Ühik: kmpl
Laoseis: Hetkel otsas
399,00 €


MODERN SCALE REALISM. No self-respecting trail truck can do without a realistic-looking body. The Trailrunner 4x4 therefore has sensational details and modern off-road styling.

The trail runner comes as standard with a robust and pre-painted polycarbonate body in showroom quality. The body combines a prototype-like appearance, outstanding function and the possibility of individual adaptation thanks to a two-part design with a removable front apron, flared fenders, B-pillar application, door handles, windshield wipers, rear-view mirrors and a radiator grille.

But that's not enough. Also included are a roof rack, a three-part front bumper with towing eyes, a snorkel and an extensive decal sheet. It has never been so easy to give a ready-to-run model an individual look.

It doesn't matter whether it's a new car in showroom quality, a sturdy workhorse for a weekend trip, or the ultimate trail machine? The choice is yours and your adventure starts here!


  • The included aluminum steering parts ensure a precise and robust steering effect of the IFS suspension.
  • 100% compatible with the steering levers of the earlier enduro chassis and designed for a steering angle of up to 45 degrees.
  • The oil-filled shock absorbers with an external thread ensure excellent traction even in the roughest of terrain.
  • Maximum compression and rebound travel and a modern look for the suspension parts.
  • The new Reedy Power 5-Slot 16 Turn Crawler brush motor has a high torque and at the same time smooth power development. It enables slow, precise and yet powerful progress even in rough terrain or over obstacles.
  • The water-protected SC400X speed controller for brush motors was specially developed for the challenges of trail driving. It has a proportional forward / reverse function, LiPo undervoltage shutdown and a T-design battery connector.
  • Stability and performance? The IFS suspension is convincing all along the line.


STEALTH X TRANSMISSION WITH ADJUSTABLE OVERDRIVE GEARS: The heart of the Enduro is our revolutionary Stealth X transmission. From the outside it may look like a conventional 3-gear transmission, but the inside is anything but conventional. The Stealth X allows different gear ratios for the front and rear axles.

  • Standard (with 27T and 53T gears) with 5.7% longer reduction for the front axle
  • Option 1 (with 28T and 52T gears) with the same reduction for the front and rear axles
  • Option 2 (with 26T and 54T gears) with 11.83% longer reduction for the front axle


  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) steering servo mounted on the chassis
  • Adjustable front tie rod
  • Universal drive shafts on the front axle
  • Steel ladder frame
  • Closed receiver box
  • 12mm wheel hub
  • Adjustable front and rear holders for the rammer
  • Adjustable rock sliders body deflectors
  • Two battery boxes
  • Adjustable motor plate
  • Adjustable body mounts
  • Optimized ball sockets for maximum freedom of movement
  • Adjustable rear shock positions
  • Central telescopic drive shafts with aluminum parts
  • One-piece rear axle
  • Milled transmission input gears
  • Metal differential gears
  • Milled gear top shaft
  • Metal intermediate gears
  • 5mm heavy-duty steel tie rods
  • Metal ball bearings


  • 1:10 scale
  • Electric drive
  • Length varies
  • Width varies
  • Weight varies
  • Wheelbase 313mm
  • Gear ratio varies


  • Battery pack (recommended Reedy AE758)
  • Charger (recommended Reedy AE27200)
  • 4x AA batteries for the transmitter (recommended Reedy AE302)

For all 1:10 trail truck enthusiasts

OFFICIALLY LICENSED RIMS AND TIRES: The Trailrunner has a set of officially licensed General Grabber A / TX tires made from a high-quality, soft rubber compound. The General Grabber A / TX tires are on three-piece 1.55? Beadlock rims mounted. Never worry about losing a tire while driving again.


The enduro was made to last. If you are going on your favorite trail, it should be approached with confidence. This offers you a model like the Enduro Trail Truck.

Three-part telescopic drive shafts with an aluminum center section, universal cardan shafts on the front axle and hardened gear wheels ensure reliable power transmission to the wheels.

Previously only available as a conversion kit, the Trailrunner is the first ready-to-run truck with the IFS front axle, which combines robustness, performance, agility and a prototypical design. Pre-assembled like the entire vehicle, the IFS axle allows you to master even challenging terrain with ease.

The Enduro Trail Truck is powered by high quality Reedy Power electronics. The new, ultra-sensitive and powerful 16 turn 5-slot motor and the Reedy Power SC400X speed controller with standard T-connector give the truck exceptional driving behavior and power in every situation. The beast is controlled by the new 3-channel XP130 2.4GHz remote control and the Reedy Power 1320MG high-torque steering servo.

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