Hobbywing Xerun Axe FOC V1.1 kombo Crawlerile 1800kV mootoriga

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Intelligent Torque Output and Speed Closed-loop Control for Easy Control!

The ESC will automatically increase torque to help vehicle overcome the resistance when going up, reduce the torque to help vehicle stabilize and control the speed when going downhill (and prevent vehicle from turning over when going downhill too fast). With the intelligent torque output, driving can become simple and easy.

The XeRun AXE motor with 1800KV is hardware specifically adapted to the XeRun AXE FOC speed controller and can only be used with it.
The motor is built with the Hobbywing patented "Staggered Pole" rotor design and the 4-pole motor has extremely low cogging efffect and super small torque ripple. Super soft response and start-up behavior at low speeds is the result.
The motor and controller are connected via a waterproof, special sensor plug.

Specifications ESC (V1.1):

Type: Brushless FOC
Current cont./peak 60A/360A
Input Voltage: 2S-3S LiPo, 6S-9S NiMH
Motor Limits: Only XeRun-AXE serie of motors
BEC: 6V/7.4V, 4A
Waterproof: Yes
Programmable: Bluetooth and APP "HW LINK"
Size: 47.4x36.2x24.6mm
Weight: 82g
Application: 1/10 Rock Crawler

Specifications Motor:

Typ: Brushless FOC
Pole: 4
KV Rating: 1800KV
LiPo cells: 2S-3S
No Load Current: 1.5A
Outer Diameter: 36.0mm
Length: 48.8mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
Shaft Length: 15.5mm
Weight: 173g
Application: 1/10 Rock Crawler

Delivery includes:

1x ESC
1x Motor
1x Manual


Accessories optional:

HW30850300 AXE Extended Wire Set

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