Hobbywing XR10 Pro - Must

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High Power Output
Continuous current of 160A and peak current of up to 1200A guarantees a stable and high power output during competitions.

Special Design for Top Racing
Reliable hardware combined with intelligent software (containing 10 common select-to-use profiles) creates an ideal power solution to 1/10th scale top touring car, Pan car and buggy racing.

Programming / Upgrading / Data reading wirelessly
With Hobbywing’s “WiFi Express” module and iPhone or an Android phone (with the HOBBYWING WiFi Link software installed), the user can remotely program parameters, upgrade firmware and check relevant data of the ESC without leaving the control stand.

Adjustable Throttle & Brake PWM Frequencies
Independent and adjustable throttle & brake PWM frequencies guarantee precise and accurate throttle and brake control for all classes of competitions (esp. the Stock class).

Efficient Heat Dissipating System
The aluminum casing and reticular heat sink combined with the HOBBYWING patented copper heat-conductive plates which are attached to the MOSFET board allows the internal heat to be quickly transferred to the heat sink for dissipation. With the high-performing detachable cooling fan, a highly reliable heat transfer system for maximum cooling is accomplished.

High current/voltage BEC
The built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 4A and voltage adjustable between 6V and 7.4V allows the user to use various high voltage servos.

Separate Programming/Fan Port
The separate PRG/FAN port on the ESC can power an external fan for maximize cooling performance or connect the ESC to a LCD program box or WiFi module for ESC programming.

Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch
The XR10 Pro ESC features an electronic switch with a lifespan of over 50000 on/off cycles, housed in a completely waterproof, dust-proof and shock-resistant design.

Innovative data-logging Function
This ESC features the data-logging function which can record the maximum ESC/motor temperature, RPM and etc. in  real time and allows the user to analyze the recorded data  via a the LCD program box or WiFi module after each use.

– Constant/peak current: 160A/1200A
BEC output: 6V/7.4V, 4A
BEC voltage regulation: Switch mode
– Remote off: Enabled/Disabled switchable
– Motor drive mode: Sensored/sensored or sensorless hybrid switch
– Coast: 0-20% adjustable
PWM drive frequency: 1K/2K/4K/8K/12K/16K adjustable
– Brake frequency: 0.5K/1K/2K/4K adjustable
– Brake mode: Linear/Traditional/Hybrid adjustable
– Boost timing activation: RPM/Auto adjustable

Note:“Sensored/Sensorless Hybrid” mode is applicable to 4WD SCT vehicles using 4 pole motors.

Size 37.5×30.9×31.6mm(w/Fan & Fan Shroud)
Weight 95g(w/ Wires)


1/10th Touring Car & Buggy & Drift Car & F1; 1/8th,1/10th Rock Crawler

KV Rating/T Count
2S LiPo/6S NiMH: (Touring Car) T≥3.5T, (Buggy) T≥4.5T.
3S LiPo/9S NiMH: (Touring Car) T≥6.5T, (Buggy) T≥8.5T.

- Input wires (2) 12AWG-200mm
- Output wires (3) 12AWG-200mm
- Cooling fan
- Dual capacitors
- Decals
- Bonus parts: double tape, nylon cable zap traps
- User’s manual

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