Mugen Seiki MBX-8 1/8 4WD Off Road Bagi KIT

Tootekood: MUGE2021
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: Eeltellimine
659,00 €
Kogus: - +
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MBX8 Features:

  • Chassis: The MBX8 chassis features an updated material that is more rigid and durable. The chassis improves steering and is more consistent in bumpy conditions.
  • Differential and drivetrain: High Traction Differentials are included in the MBX8. The Mugen Seiki HTD provides increased acceleration, longer runtime, and more consistent handling. The HTD’s also increase stability, traction and improve handling in bumpy conditions. The HTD has a larger volume diff cup to increase consistency during long main events. This makes it easier to time rhythm sections, better in bumpy and low grip conditions, helps to increase traction, and increases fuel mileage. 
  • Updated straight cut 13T bevel gear & 44T conical gear: The straight cut bevel and conical gears increase acceleration, runtime, and efficiency. A free and efficient drivetrain will also increase speeds while cornering. 
  • Lightweight one-piece wing mount: The updated lightweight one-piece wing mount lower the center of gravity. The position of the wing and wing mount is optimized to improve the performance of vehicle. The height of the wing mount is adjustable. This allows you to control the down force on the rear of the vehicle by simply raising or lowering the mount on the shock tower. 
  • Lightweight high down-force wing: The updated IFMAR legal wing is lightweight and provides amazing down force and corning. The underside of the wing uses an updated design to reduced weight and creates additional down-force.
  • Suspension: The Front Front/Front Rear and Rear Front/Rear Rear suspension blocks have been redesigned for the MBX8.
  • Front and rear gearbox: Easier access to the front and rear differential. The updated gearbox allows you to remove and service the differentials without detaching the suspension arm mounts.  
  • Box-shaped suspension arms and arm stiffeners: The front and rear lower arms use an updated impact resistant material for increased durability. The redesigned arms are box-shaped and include arm stiffeners to reduce flex and increase durability. Adjusting the hardness of the lower suspension arms is now possible. This allows you to fine tune the steering and traction from track to track. CFRP plates will be available as an option part (not included).
  • Center differential mount & plate: The center differential mounts use a stiffer material and a redesigned top plate to reduce chassis flex and increases clutch bell, spur gear, and clutch bearing life. The reduced chassis flex also provides more consistent handling in all conditions. The top plate design also makes it easier to adjust the brakes and easier maintenance.
  • Enclosed Battery box and updated carbon fiber radio plate: The MBX8 still uses a flat 2S LiPo or LiFe receiver battery, but the battery is now enclosed in a molded battery box. The battery box allows for quick and easy access to the battery. The molded box also helps protect the battery from hard impacts. The battery box is mounted to an updated carbon fiber radio plate.
  • Other Updated parts and upgrades: Body, Clamping Servo Saver Nut, Front/Rear Shock Towers, Front bumper, Front center and rear center universal joint.

Lisaks vajad (ei ole komplektis):

  • 3.5cc (.21ci) nitromootor
  • Summutikomplekt
  • vähemalt 2-kanaliga raadiosüsteem
  • Rooliservo ja gaasi-/piduriservo (2 standardservot)
  • Vastuvõtja aku
  • Küünlatoide
  • Starter Box koos akuga
  • Nitrokütus & kütusepudel
  • Lexani värv kere värvimiseks
  • 1/8 bagi rattad (rehvid, veljed, vajadusel liim)
  • Laadija vastuvõtja akudele ja starter boxi aku(de)le
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