Orion Vortex VST 2 PRO 690 4P 2100Kv (1/8 sensoriga mootor)

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  • Maailmameistri tehnoloogia
  • 4-pole sensoriga mootor
  • uus sensori tehnoloogia parandab jõudlust ja efektiivsust
  • Dual sensorikaabli port
  • Metallist korpus parendatud jahutusavadega
  • Väikese takistusega faasiklemmid
  • Kõrgekvaliteedilised materjalid
  • Ülitäpselt balansseeritud rootor
  • 4mm kruviakugus mootori paigaldamiseks


With the Vortex VST2 Pro sensor brushless motors for 1/8 scale cars Team Orion introduces a completely new motor design using the experience from the US national champion motor MR8. The VST2 Pro features a convenient dual sensor port system which allows the motor to be installed in your car in the best possible way. The empty port can be used to easily program your ESC through the motor. A protection cap for the second port is included.

In 1/8 off-road racing robustness is incredibly important. For the VST2 Pro motor we use an extremely robust and massive aluminum case in combination with high quality screws. We also improved the cooling with a new ventilation concept.

With the 4 pole technology the brand new VST2 Pro are as smooth and powerful as never before. The torque of these power plants is just amazing! We use high quality stator materials in combination with precision balanced rotors for highest efficiency and power output. The easy to use low resistance tabs complete the great features of the motor which is available in three different KV versions.

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