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Pro-Line RC kere värvid aerograafile - Candy värvide komplekt (6-pakk)

Tootekood: PRO6323-07
EAN: 0675118175584
Ühik: kmpl
Laoseis: Hetkel otsas
84,90 €
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This is the all-new Pro-Line RC Body Paint All Candy Color Set (6 Pack) - Candy Blood RedCandy Yellow SunCandy Electric GreenCandy Blue IceCandy Ultra VioletCandy Turquoise specially formulated for Polycarbonate. Have you been wanting a specialty paint that is easy to use and can add some depth to your color scheme? Pro-Line has a Ready to Spray 100% Transparent Water Based Dye Candy Paint that adds to any pearl or metallic colors. Pro-Line's Team of Innovators have painted literally thousands of RC car bodies over the years and now offers ready to spray R/C Body paints specially formulated to help you achieve the same jaw dropping results we do. Developed by R/C body painters for painters, this water-based airbrush paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use. Have the confidence that you are spraying the best!

Ready to Spray
This pre-mixed airbrush Candy paint makes it easy to grab the color you want and spray without the hassle of mixing (using a 0.5mm tip @ 30psi). This paint is very user-friendly, covers well and can be applied heavy for a candy paint. Spray medium wet coats to achieve even color saturation. The Pro-Line Candy colors will continue to get darker as more coats are applied. Available in single 2 fl oz (60 ml.) individual bottles or a 6-pack set. Pro-Line has you covered.

Specially Formulated for Polycarbonate
Bash, Crash, Race or Show, Team Pro-Line has done it all! Pro-Line R/C Paint is a high-performance durable water-based airbrush paint that is specially formulated to meet the extreme requirements of polycarbonate R/C Bodies. It is durable yet flexible to allow R/C bodies to deform and come back to their shape. You will not only get great performance; you also get the same color options chosen by the experts.


Included in this set:

Candy Blood RedCandy Yellow SunCandy Electric GreenCandy Blue IceCandy Ultra VioletCandy Turquoise 



  • 100% Transparent Dye Candy Paint
  • Paint appears dark in the bottle.
  • Candy colors will become darker the more coats are applied.
  • Professional Results
  • Developed by R/C Painters for R/C Painters
  • Specially Formulated for R/C Bodies
  • Ready to Spray. Use right out of the bottle (with a 0.5mm tip @ 30psi)
  • Spray Without the Hassle of Mixing
  • Water Based
  • Extremely Durable and Ultra-Flexible
  • Easy to Use


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