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PROCIRCUIT HOT DICE V2 Buggy C1 (Super Soft) liimitud kollasele veljele (2 tk)

Tootekood: PCY2003-C1
EAN: 8435127313580
Ühik: paar
Laoseis: Hetkel otsas
19,90 €

This is the HOT DICE V2 tire from PROCIRCUIT. Like its predecessor, this tire features a medium size dice cube lugs with perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward traction. The two outer rows of lugs deliver a fast corner speed, a very stable an easy to drive feeling and predictable side bite. With the modification of the centre pins it provides higher traction with better durability.

The Hot Dice V2 offers drivers consistent handling on slightly loose outdoor racetracks and really stands out when layout starts compacting and cleaning up with high grip. This tire will give your buggy qualifying speed with tread life capable of handling hour long A-mains due to its good wear characteristics.

The V2 series features a new insert to better fit the new tire structure improving the overall performance with more consistent handling in the bumps, effortless jumping and an easy to drive feeling.

Sarnased tooted
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27,90 €
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25,00 € (13.79%)
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19,90 €