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RC4WD 1/14 skaala 870K hüdraulikaga rataslaadur/buldooser

Tootekood: RC4VVJD00013
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Hetkel otsas
Tarneaeg: Eritellimus! Tarneaeg kuni 3 kuud
4599,00 €
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  • CNC Machined Metal parts
  • Molded Steel bucket
  • 6 channel 2.4Ghz radio
  • Optimized Steel Hydraulic system
  • Scale operator station (can fit a driving figure)
  • Massive 29.5-25L-5 Tires
  • Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump
  • Heavy Duty Hoses (OD 4.5mm Nylon, ID 2.5mm)
  • Powder coated in yellow
  • Brushless system (hydraulic)
  • 40A brushless ESC with BEC
  • Kv brushless monster torque Motor
  • Realistic non functional disk break
  • Scale ABC plastic interior
  • Wheel with planetary gearbox build-in
  • 2 speed full metal transmission (1:16 and 1:4 gear ratio)
  • Realistic full metal Axles
  • Run time is: XX minutes (XXXXmAh Battery)
  • Steel Machined oil pump (45mm X 30mm X 15.5mm)
  • Bucket capacity:
  • Maximum bucket force: 70kg / 154pounds
  • Driving Speed: XXX meter per hour
  • Scale: 1 : 14
  • Length: 741mm / 29inch
  • Width: 276mm / 11inch
  • Height: 276mm / 11inch
  • Maximum bucket Height: 461mm / 18inch
  • Maximum bucket up and down angle: 46 to 64 degrees
  • Maximum bucket left and right angle: 38 degrees
  • Wheel base: 284mm
  • Dead Weight: 20.5kg / 45lbs
  • Total mass load: 32kg / 70lbs
  • Operating oil pressure: 20Bar, 290psi
  • Manufactured by JDCustoms
  • 30 days limited warrant


What's Included:


  • 1/14 Scale Earth Mover 870K Hydraulic Wheel Loader


Additional Parts Needed:


  • Lipo Charger
  • 3S 6500mAh 11.1v 20c Lipo battery (Max size: 73mm X 80mm X 132mm) (Part # Z-E0038)
  • ESC support bullet connector
  • RC4WD standard hydraulic oil
  • Shell Tellus S2 V15 Hydraulic Oil (part # VVV-S0109)
  • Mobile DTE22 V22 Hydraulic Oil (part # VVV-S0111)


Replacement Parts:


  • Hydraulic Connector M5 x 4mm Tube (90deg) (VVV-S0069)
  • Hydraulic M5 to M4 Straight Nozzle (VVV-S0075)
  • M3 X 3mm Steel Hydraulic 90 Deg Fitting (VVV-S0065)
  • M3 X 3mm Steel Hydraulic Straight Connector (VVV-S0066)
  • M3 Hydraulic Tee Fitting (VVV-S0070)
  • M3 x M5 Steel Hydraulic Reducer Bushing (VVV-S0072)
  • Pressure Relief Valve for Earth Digger (VVV-S0041)
  • Mini Hydraulic Valve Block (VVV-S0087)
  • Mini Hydraulic Oil Pump with Brushless 40A Motor/ESC (VVV-S0090)
  • 2mm Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tubing (VVV-S0073)
  • Hydraulic Connector (straight version) (VVV-S0016)
  • Hydraulic Connector (angled 90deg) (VVV-S0015)
  • Mega Truck Universal Shaft "Ver 2" (92mm to 130mm) (VVV-S0054)
  • Earth Mover Steel Straight Axle Shafts (Z-S1579)
  • Earth Mover 2 Speed Transmission (VVV-S0139)
  • Front Axle Cases for Earth Mover (VVV-S0124)
  • Main Gear and Pinion Shaft for Earth Mover (F&R) (VVV-S0128)
  • Complete Front Axle Assembly for Earth Mover (VVV-S0156)
  • Complete Rear Axle Assembly for Earth Mover (VVV-S0129)
  • Front Axle Assembly for Earth Mover (VVV-S0154)
  • Rear Axle Assembly for Earth Mover (VVV-S0127)
  • Axle Differential Assembly Parts for Earth Mover (VVV-S0130)
  • Planetary Gear Set for Earth Mover Axles (F&R) (VVV-S0134)
  • Rear Axle Adapter for Earth Mover (VVV-S0136)
  • Brake Drum for Earth Mover (VVV-S0138)
  • Brake caliper for Earth Mover (VVV-S0140)
  • Planetary Wear Pad for Earth Mover (VVV-S0142)
  • Axle Pin for Earth Mover (VVV-S0144)
  • Axle Tube Shaft for Earth Mover (VVV-S0146)
  • Replacement Radio for Earth Mover (VVV-S0131)
  • Hydraulic Cylinder (105.8mm) (VVV-S0141)
  • Hydraulic Cylinder (91.5mm) (VVV-S0143)
  • Hydraulic Cylinder (83mm) (VVV-S0145)
  • Front Axle Sub-Assembly for Earth Mover (VVV-S0152)
  • Axle Shaft for Earth Mover (F&R) (VVV-S0132)
  • Rear Axle Dust Cover for Earth Mover (VVV-S0148)
  • Rear Axle Sub-Assembly for Earth Mover (VVV-S0125)
  • Wheel Assembly for Earth Mover (VVV-S0150)
  • Earth Mover 60A Brushless ESC (VVV-S0133)
  • Rear Axle Cases for Earth Mover (VVV-S0126)
  • Heavy Equipment Mini Valve Servos (VVV-S0162)


Optional Parts:


Optional Upgrade:

  • Scale Heavy Duty Flat Bed Transporter
  • High Intensity LED
  • 1/14 Loader LED Lighting System (VVV-S0161)

Sounds System:

Sounds system is no longer included.

Instruction Manual:

For Detailed Setup. Click Here


  • While some components may come assembled, it may be in your best interests to check the products to ensure all hardware is tight. In some cases you may want to apply threadlock to some of the hardware that is already installed.
  • Use good quality hex drivers to avoid stripping screw heads.
  • Use thread lock when putting metal screws into metal parts.
  • Steps marked with an asterisk (*) require thread lock.
  • Use thread lock sparingly.
  • Do not over tighten screws otherwise you may strip the thread.
  • Fits Mobile DTE22 V22 Hydraulic Oil 16oz (VVV-S0111)

Warranty Information

This product is made for heavy duty usage. Since there is no plastic parts, its designed to last. But hydraulic pump, hoses and electronics system can break over time. Do not let the system overheat during usage. We will have all spare parts available for sell. Pump, hoses are electronics system is not covered under warranty, but we do guarantee fully functional at arrival. Each unit is full tested twice before we ship.

Each unit is professionally assembled, adjusted and tested. Do not adjust the oil pressure switch. Oil pressure will drop as you operate over time.

This Wheel Loader is shipped without oil. You will have to fill the tank your self (half tank), by using a funnel or tube (not included).

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