SANWA Super Vortex Zero Stock Brushless ESC

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ANWA Super Vortex Zero Stock Brushless ESC

The Sanwa Super Vortex is a sensor controlled speed control that is suited for Electric Onroad, Electric Offroad and 1/12 Onroad racing. It features a 4.5T motorlimit when operated with 7.4V (2S LiPo) and 3.5T motorlimit when operated with 3.7V (1S LiPo). The Sanwa Super Vortex can be directly programmed from the Sanwa M12 transmitter, when a RX-472 receiver is used.

The Super Vortex offers another special feature for racers using the Sanwa M12 or MT-4 & RX-472 receiver: due to the SSL system (Sanwa Synchronised Link), motor RPM and temperature as well as the speedo temperature can be read out and saved without any additional optional sensor.

Sanwa Super Vortex Stock designed to meet the requirements of Stock class


  • SSR-Compatible
  • SSL-Compatible
  • Compatible with Cooling Fan (Size: 30mm/25mm)
  • Black Almite Treatment
  • New Function Compatible with CODE 10 for M12S and Exzes ZZ
  • Punch
  • Feel
  • Turbo
  • Boost Start
  • Boost Acceleration
  • Neutral Dead Band

Additional features:

  • Succeeded to maximize motor power
  • Reduction of loss resistance and efficient control improves heat protection control and normal functions.
  • Multi Protection System. It protect equipment from low voltage, abnormal sensor cable,motor lock, body overheat (abnormal heat), motor overhear(*1).
    *1 Compatible with only motor including temp. sensor.
  • Multi Battery-Compatible by setting of cut-off voltage

Set includes:

  • Sanwa Super Vortex Stock Brushess ESC
  • Sensor cable
  • Cooling fan
  • Power wire
  • Heat shrinkable tubes for connectors
  • Screws

Manufacturer stock No. 107A54393A

Technical data
Length: 35,5 mm
Weight: 36,7 g
Width: 32 mm
Height: 19,7 mm
On Resistance: Resistance loss 0,00038 Ohm
Voltage Range: 3,7 - 7,4V
Brief load: 670A
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