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Traxxas TRX-4 Sport KIT (ilma elektroonikata)

Tootekood: TRX82010-4
EAN: 0020334820037
Ühik: kmpl
Laoseis: 1
369,00 €
Kogus: - +
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Nüüd saadaval veermiku KIT-ina!

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport is purpose built for trail-conquering RC fun with innovative technical features and rugged durability. The new TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit combines all the technical capability of the RTR truck, with the excitement of building your own kit. The TRX-4 Sport Kit assembles to form a roller chassis without electronics, battery, or charger. From mild to wild, enjoy ultimate build-it-yourself freedom to add your own motor, electronic speed control (ESC), servo, and radio system to the highly competent chassis. All the parts are organized neatly in labeled bags with pre-assembled shocks and suspension links. A fully illustrated color manual makes the kit as much fun to construct as it is to take off-road.

Komplektis sisaldub

  • kokkupanemata TRX-4 Sport veermik
  • värvimata TRX-4 Sport kere (Lexan)
  • Ekspeditsiooniaksessuaarid
  • Värviliste illustratsioonidega koostejuhend veermiku ehitamiseks
The Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Kit comes fully outfitted with an entire complement of scale accessories as standard equipment. The expedition rack not only looks great, but provides rugged protection for the body. The body and expedition rack are outfitted with a replica snorkel, side mirrors, traction boards, fire extinguisher, jack, and gas cans for maximum scale detail. The front and rear injection molded grill and tail gate also include lenses to make installing LED lights a breeze!
Easy to Follow Assembly Instructions

The TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit isn’t just for expert hobbyists. Traxxas goes the extra mile to make the full-color instruction book easy to follow and fun to use. Each section corresponds to a labeled bag with step-by-step assembly instructions. True-to-scale part illustrations and ruler charts make it easy to differentiate between different screws, bearings, and gears. Helpful assembly tips and clear illustrations take the frustration out of the assembly process. Have fun on the workbench and on the trail with the new TRX-4 Sport Kit.


Lisaks on vaja (ei ole komplketis)
  • Saatja
  • vastuvõtja
  • ESC ja mootor
  • Rooliservo
  • Sõiduaku (vastavalt kasutatavale elektroonikale)
  • Aku laadija
  • Kuuskantkruvikeerajad
    • 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
  • Muud tavalised tööriistad
    • kruvikeerajad, tangid jms
  • CA liim
  • turvaprillid
  • Lexan kere värv
Ready to Assemble

The TRX-4 Sport Kit arrives ready to assemble with a full-color instruction guide, pre-cut clear body, and Expedition Rack with scale accessories. Key parts like shocks and suspension links come pre-assembled to make building easy and fun. Choose your own electronics, battery, and charger (sold separately) to complete your fully custom ride. A staff of skilled representatives is on hand to answer your questions via phone, website, or e-mail. Unmatched parts support keeps your Traxxas vehicle running strong with parts and support from thousands of hobby dealers worldwide. Traxxas goes the extra mile to ensure that your RC experience is easy and fun.

TRX-4 Sport Kit (#82010-4) Specs

Length:   21.93 inches (557mm)
Front Track:   9.78 inches (249mm)
Rear Track:   9.78 inches (249mm)
Ground Clearance:   3.14 inches (80mm)
Weight:   5.79lb (2.63kg) (with electronics installed)
Height:   9.47 inches (241mm)
Wheelbase:   12.28 inches (312mm)
Front Shock Length:   3.54 inches (90mm)
Rear Shock Length:   3.54 inches (90mm)
Approach Angle:   58.82°
Departure Angle:   45.83°
Breakover Angle:   58.93°
Front Wheels:   1.9 x 1.02 inches (49 x 26mm)
Rear Wheels:   1.9 x 1.02 inches (49 x 26mm)
Front Tires:   4.64 x 1.89 inches (118 x 48mm)
Rear Tires:   4.64 x 1.89 inches (118 x 48mm)
Wheel Hex:   12mm
Speed Control:   Sold separately
Motor (electric):   Sold separately
Differential Type:   Spool (no differential)
Transmission:   Single speed
Gear Pitch:   32
  Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers
Drive System:   Shaft-Driven 4WD
Radio System:   Sold separately
Skill Level:   2
Battery Tray:   158.75 L x 47 W x 23/26mm H
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