Xray XB8 - 2019 - Luxyrious 1:8 Racing Nitro Buggy KIT

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All-new 2019.

  • All-new 2-in-1 concept features both a pivot ball & C-hub suspension included in one kit
  • Updated XB8 platform allows easy swapping of the two different suspensions with fully interchangeable parts
  • Unbeatable set-up alternatives to perfectly adjust the car to any track condition
  • All-new C-hub suspension includes new lower suspension arm, steering block with Ackermann plate, C-hub, camber link & Ackermann steering plate
  • Redesign chassis fits soft & hard radio tray to adjust flex for particular temperature conditions
  • All-new front Pivot Ball steering block with larger outside ball-bearings for increased reliability and life-span
  • All-new rear uprights with larger outside ball-bearings for increased reliability and life-span
  • All-new rear uprights feature an extra hole for extended roll-center adjustment possibilities
  • All-new front lower, rear and upper arms redesigned and made from a harder material to improve response and stability with freer operation in dusty conditions.
  • All-new cell shock membranes with less air gap
  • All-new shock cap with 4 vent holes accommodates the new cell shock membranes for easier assembly and servicing
  • All-new, longer front and rear shock shafts
  • New, softer front and rear anti-roll bars increase traction


TQ & World Vice-Champion.

Against the toughest competition in the World of professional level RC racers - Ty Tessmann set overall TQ at the 1/8 World Championship 2018 and finished in a superb Vice Champions position with the latest development XRAY XB8 platform.  XRAY R&D team with direct input from Ty & Gord Tessmann, Martin Bayer and the full factory team again pushed the performance of the XRAY XB8 towards the very pinnacle of the sport.  

XB8 Platform.

Based on the ultra-successful XB8 platform, XRAY proudly presents the new 2019-spec XB8 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in the highest competition races around the world.

XRAY has been a driving force in the 1/8 off-road car racing scene since the release of the first XB8. Continuous development and evolution of the XRAY product line has led to ever-increasing performance. The craftsmanship, durability, and performance of XRAY kits have become legendary. Be part of the family, live the heritage.

XB8 Concept.

The XB8 is typical XRAY: premium, professional, high-competition for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the smallest details, and backed by premium service & support… a luxury masterpiece.

Made in Europe.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German & Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY's legendary attention to detail by our artistic production specialists. The
XB8 is truly a masterpiece.

2-in-1 Concept.

The all-new XB8 2-in-1 concept offers endless setup choices for any track condition. The XB8 includes both a complete C-hub and Pivot Ball suspension in the kit.

Adjustable to any track condition, the XB8 is the most versatile car in its class.  Racers can configure the XB8 to match their driving style and the current track conditions.

C-hub Suspension.

The 2-in-1 concept kit includes a brand new XRAY XB8 front C-hub suspension.

The C-hub is perfectly suited for smooth and short technical tracks & smooth surface conditions. At these track conditions the C-hub suspension generates increased frontward traction as well increased overall traction with enhanced steering.

The new C-hub suspension includes an all-new lower suspension arm, steering block with Ackermann plate, C-hub, camber link & Ackermann steering plate.

Pivot Ball Suspension.

The 2-in-1 concept includes a complete Pivot Ball (PB) suspension in the XB8. The well proven and highly efficient PB suspension was improved with larger outside 8x16x5mm ball-bearings for increased reliability and life-span.  New front lower and upper arms are molded from a harder material for improved response and redesigned for freer operation in dusty conditions.

The PB suspension is perfectly suited for high traction conditions as well as rough tracks. At these track conditions, the PB suspension increases vehicle stability for a much easier driving experience.


The XB8 shocks were redesigned with new shock caps and cell shock membranes. The all-new shock caps feature 4 bleeding for more equal oil bleeding and a more precise shock rebound setting. The cell shock membranes have less air gap that helps to generate more grip of the car. The all-new longer shock shafts allow longer downtravel of the shocks and suspension.

Oversized big-bore shocks featuring 16.2mm I.D. shock bodies are externally threaded with an adjustable collar for quick & easy spring preload adjustment. The shock bodies are hardcoated in a titanium color and feature a 1-piece alu shock cap. 


With attention to the smallest details and a mandate to simplify servicing of the car, the all-new chassis features cross-platform compatibility to ensure you can use the same chassis either on the XB8 or XB8E.



The rear brace mounting position on the chassis was moved rearwards to improve chassis flex and give increased traction.

The chassis features chamfered front edges which prevents dirt pick-up when the chassis contacts the track. The chamfered edges will not “cut” the dirt, but rather the dirt will slide along the chamfered edges and not get stuck at the front of the chassis.

The side guards were moved 4mm rearwards to ensure that under full throttle and full steering lock the inflated tires will not contact the side guards and can operate freely. 


I.S.S.™ Suspension Holders.

The aluminum suspension holders feature Integrated Suspension Settings™ (I.S.S.) which allows for quick & easy suspension geometry setting. To accommodate the longer rear suspension arms, narrower aluminum suspension holders are used.

Using eccentric suspension bushings inserted into aluminum suspension holders – as well as additional suspension shims – the XB8 suspension geometry can be completely adjusted in mere seconds.

Servo Brace.

A connecting brace between the throttle servo and the radio box compensates for the softer, more flexible radio box, as well as eliminating throttle servo vibrations to the chassis. This ensures more precise throttle and brake control.

Items Not Included

  • Engine
  • Exhaust system
  • Electronics (Radio, Receiver, Servos, Batteries)
  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Tools
  • Wheel tool
  • Receiver battery
  • Fuel
  • Switch
  • Start box
  • Glow heater
  • Paint
  • Charger
  • Universal tool for all nuts and turnbuckles
  • Set-up book
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