Hobbywing Ezrun ESC MAX10-SCT 120A BEC 4A 2-4S waterproof

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The Ezrun Series are sensorless brushless power systems for high-end entertainment. They are for satisfying drivers’ desire for great power, and for providing powerful power solutions to  intermediate/high-end RTR vehicles ranges from 1/18th scale to 1/5th scale.

The EzRun MAX10 SCT is especially made for all 1/10 Off-Road application, doesn't matter if Truggy, Monster, Truck or Short Course, with his design and features he match all drivers request in the best way. 

Great Flexibility & Versatility
The ESC has strong outbreak and stable output, so vehicle can do different moves without a problem, no matter aggressive start-up and wheelie, high speed running on straight tracks an through bumpiest terrain or flying over slopes. It always provide the power more than sufficient. Besides, driver can adjust relevant parameters for smooth and soft start-up.

High Reliability & Durability

Reliable hardware combine with advanced software and firmware allows the ESC to not only provide unmatched power and performance, it also protect itself from damage due overload, physical abuse, overuse or human error.

Applicable to All Weather Conditions
Outstanding waterproof and dust-proof capability makes the ESC applicable to all weather conditions, no matter the track is covered with dust, gravel, snow or puddles.

Innovative Filter Capacitor Thermal Protection
The filter capacitor thermal protection first implemented in the MAX10 SCT will effectively protect
capacitors from exploding and causing irreversible damage to the ESC due to overload.

Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch
The electronic switch with the lifespan of over 50000 times of switching on & off features a completely waterproof, dust-proof and shock-resistant design, completely solved problems like stuck reed and rust contact points caused by dust and moisture,  switching off automatically caused by violent dash (like landing after flying over slopes) conventional mechanical switches often have.

Regular Firmware Updates
Free of Charge You can upgrade the MAX10 SCT with the HobbyWing USB LINK software, a multifunction LCD program box and a laptop. HobbyWing updates its ESC firmware  regularly giving you upgraded features more often when available.

Wide Applicability
This MAX10 SCT ESC is applicable to various 1/10th scale vehicles like trucks, short-course trucks, monster trucks, and etc.

Technical Data

  • Type
    • Scale: 1/10th
    • Brushed/Brushless: Brushless
    • Sensored/Sensorless: Sensorless
    • Waterproof: Yes
  • Specifications
    • Cont./Peak Current: 120A/760A
    • Input: 2-4S LiPo / 6-12 Cell NiMH
    • BEC Output: Swich Mode: 6V / 7.4V max. 3A
  • Wires & Connectors
    • Input Wires: Red / Black-12AWG-200mm*1
    • Output Wires: Black-12AWG-200mm*3
    • Input Connectors: XT90
    • Output Connectors: 4.0 Bullet Connectors (Female)
  • Fan
    • Size: 25.0x25.0x10.0mm
    • Voltage Range: 5-7.4V
    • Powered by: Powered by BEC
  • ESC Programing via
    • SET Button on ESC: Supported
    • LED Program Box: Supported
    • LCD Program Box: Supported
    • WiFi Module: Supported
    • Program Port: FAN / Program Port
  • Firmware
    • Firmware Upgrade: Supported
  • Size & Weight
    • Size: 49.0 x 39.05 x 34.7mm(w/Fan & Fan Shroud)
    • Weight: 105g
  • Applications
    • Motors: Sensorless BL Motors / Sensored BL Motors (only in Sensorless Mode)
    • Vehicles: 1/10th Short Course / Truck / Monster / Truggy / etc.
    • KV Rating/T Count:
      • 2S LiPo/6S NiMH: <= 6000 (36XX Series of Motors)
      • 3S LiPo/9S NiMH: <= 4000 (36XX Series of Motors)
      • 4S LiPo/12S NiMH: <= 3000 (36XX Series of Motors)
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