How it all started? has grown out from passion for RC cars after it's founder got bitten by RC Bug. Existance of this bug remains medically unproven, but we all know it's there and we all might get infected!

How long has e-shop been live?

Our commercial journey started back on 2009 when we had to acknowledge that availability of RC goods are not so good in this country, so we started cooperation with Company in Europe that distributed Team Losi Racing back then. Since then we have stepped up a bit and added many more innovative and interesting top of the line RC brands to our lineup to share the fun with our customers.

OK, you've got an e-shop, but can I come and visit you in person?

Yes, since summer 2016 office has been in operation in Tallinn, Capital of Estonia EU. We always try to find best solution for customers, so we engourage you to visit us rather than shop online. Specially if you are a beginner and don't actually know what you want or need for your purpose. So you are welcome to visit us just to check out what that RC thing is and just to have a chat.

What are your main product lines? deals mostly with RC cars, but also plastic model kits as this is also fun hobby to practice. These two modelling branches are what we know the best so we can offer you the best service as we know what we are doing. So you can find top of the line products for both hobby and racing needs.

Do you only sell or do you race as well? can be found from all the main National events and not only by the track but also behind the wheel. Se we know what you need to be competitive on and off the track.

But still, what's the hype about that RC hobby?

It offers opportunity to spend good time alone or with friends and family. Control your stress levels after work or why not while working. RC hobby has some really powerful recreative values. It does anticipate some technical skills, also some knowledge of physics, racing and being open minded to maintain your equipment. RC hobby is great way to bring some together time for fathers and sons or why not daughters. Forget your daily routines and take your RC truck for a spin outback. Many go further and start competitive racing with all the adrenaline it generates.

Is there any social benefits or how it helps community?

ClayPitRC has been active supporting young racing racing talents with equipment and knowledge. We have supported hobby schools and activities as well as young race inspired youngsters with equipment they can use for competitive racing. This hobby is also well suited for disabeled kids so they can have fun activity and race others equally. So it helps to balance community by offering activities, spend time with friends and have a good time in general.