Academy 1:72 British Army AH-64D "Afghanistan"

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The AH-64 Apache is an American combat helicopter used from the end of the Cold War to the present. In service with the US Army Air Force and some other armed forces, he replaced the older type AH-1 Cobra.

It can carry up to 16 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles or 76 unguided Hydra 70 missiles, or a combination of them, on the short wings on the sides. The machine has a 30 mm M230 cannon installed in the bow under the fuselage. The machine can operate day and night even in adverse weather conditions.

The Apache was designed in the 1970s as a helicopter to combat armored vehicles. It was designed to detect and destroy tanks in highly mobile combat and could also provide fire support to ground units. It was developed from the prototype Hughes YAH-64, which first took off in 1975.

The First Anglo-Afghan War (known to the British as the disaster in Afghanistan) fought between the British Empire and the Emirate of Afghanistan from 1839 to 1842.

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