ISDT D2 Dual Charger 200W / 12A, AC 110-240V

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The D2 charger from iSDT is designed for operation on 230V and offers 2 outputs for 1-6s LiXx cells each. The charging power of 200W allows charging currents of up to 12 amps. 1 ampere balance current ensures perfectly balanced cells. The charging outputs are provided with XT60 connectors, the balancers use the common XH connector system. Many batteries available on the market can be connected directly to the compact charger. Only 558 grams with dimensions of 120 x 108 x 70 mm make the iSDT D2 a super portable device for at home or anywhere where 230V is available.

Technical data:

Input voltage: 110-240 volts - AC voltage
Total charging power: 200W Charging
power per channel: e.g. 100W / 100W or 150W / 50W or 200W / 0W or 0W / 200W
Discharge power: 2x 5W
charge current per channel: 0.1-12A
discharge current per channel: 0.1-3A
balancer current : 1000mA / cell
adjustable end-of-charge voltage: up to 4.35V for LiHV
number of cells - battery type: 1-6 LiXX, 1-16 NiXX, 1-12 Pb
plug-in system charging output XT60
plug-in system Balancer XH
Weight: 558 g
Dimensions: 120x108x70mm
Color display: 2.4 "320x240 IPS LCD

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