ISDT P30 DUO Charger 1500W / 30A DC 10-34V

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The P30 charger from iSDT currently represents the blocking peak in terms of performance. The P30 has 2 charging outputs that can charge up to 8s LiPo cells with up to 30A each. A full 1000W of power is available, in the parallel task both outputs are switched together and up to 1500W is possible with> 25V input voltage.
The housing is robust and made of high quality aluminum and underlines the very elegant overall appearance of the charger. The new scOS 2.0 offers improved system stability and new functions such as dark mode, a DC power mode and a mode to bring defective batteries to 0V. The BattGO Support recognizes batteries with BattGO Chip and sets all parameters automatically.
A large 3.5 "display with 320x480 pixels offers its very good contrast for very good readability even in direct sunlight.
The simple and intuitive operation is carried out by means of three touch buttons on the edge.
The P30 also has a Bluetooth interface. With the right app for iOS or Android, all important functions are directly visible on the smartphone.


Adjustable charging current in synchronous mode: 0.2 - 30A
Adjustable charging current per output: 0.2 - 30A
Balancer equalizing current per output: 1.5A / cell
Input voltage: 10 - 34V DC voltage
Charging power max. Watt: 1000W, 1500W Syncron
Width (mm): 110
Length (mm): 110
Maximum power: 1500W at> 25V input voltage
Charging power (synchronous): 1500W total
Max. Number of NiCd / NiMH batteries: 16 NiXx cells
Max. Voltage lead-acid batteries: 24V
Discharge power max. In synchronous mode: 2x 30W
Discharge power per output: 30W
Height (mm): 65
Weight (g): 730
Integrated balancer for up to: 8 cells
Support of reflex charge: Yes
Fan: Yes
Integrated balancer: Yes
Discharge power when discharging at both outputs: 30W each
Integrated power supply: No


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