ISDT Q6 Nano Smart Charger, 200W, 0.1-8A, DC10-30V

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The new Q6 nano charger from iSDT offers 200W charging power with a weight of only 120 grams and almost tiny dimensions of 72x72x32mm. 1-6s LiXx batteries with max. 8A can be loaded. The new scOS 2.0 offers improved system stability and new functions such as the dark mode (will be delivered via update), a DC power mode and a mode to bring defective batteries to 0V.

The IPS display ensures very good readability even in direct sunlight.

Technical data:

Input voltage: 10-30V - direct voltage
Input current max: 9A
Output voltage: 1-30V Charging
power: 200W (from 24V input voltage) Discharge power
: 10W
current: 0.1-8A Discharge current: 0.1-1A
Balancer current: 500mA / cell
Adjustable end-of-charge voltage: up to 4.35V for LiHV
number of cells - Battery type: 1-6 LiXX, 1-16 NiXX, 1-12 Pb
supports BattGO at the output
Weight: 120 g
Dimensions: 72x72x32 mm
Color display: 1.5 "240x240 IPS LCD, easy to read even in daylight and at an oblique angle, can be
updated via USB,

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