Robitronic Speedstar Brushless 5.5 ESC

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Motor: Brushless and Brushed
Input Voltage: Nicd&NiMH: 4-6cells
Lipo/LiFe: 2cells
Sensored: yes
Sensorless: yes
Fwd / Brk/ Reverse: yes
BEC (Volts/amps): 6.0V/3.0A
On-Resistance(Brushless)*: 0.0005Ω/phase
Rated Current(Brushless)*: 382A/phase
On-Resistance(Brushed-Fwd&Brakes)*: 0.0002Ω
On-Resistance(Brushed-Fwd&rev.)*: 0.001Ω
Rated Current(Brushed-Fwd&Brakes)*: 1146A
Rated Current(Brushed-Fwd&rev.)*: 382A
Motor Limit(Brushless) Over: Over 5.5 turns
Motor Limit(Brushed-Fwd&Brakes: Over 4 turns
Motor Limit(Brushed-Fwd&Rev.): Over 6 turns
Overtemperature Protection: yes
Low voltage cut-off Protection: yes
Overcurrent Protection: yes
Power wires: 2.5mm
Motor wires: 2.5mm
Dimensions(mm): 34.00 X 38.00 X 30.50
Weight: 50g
*at 25°C transistor temperature

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