Schumacher Mini Pin 1 - 1/10 buggy Rear 2,2", Yellow (2)

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The Schumacher Mini Pin has become the market leading tyre for 1/10th buggy carpet racing. It is used as the control tyre for many race series worldwide including the prestigious EOS, DHI Cup and Schumacher Indoor Masters.

To meet increased demand we have re-tooled the original Mini Pin (U6602, U6608, U6778, U6792) tyre and introduced the Mini Pin 1.

The new tyre will replace the original Mini Pin, (U6602, U6608, U6778, U6792) which will be phased out over the next few months. (Jan 2015)

The Mini Pin 1 features improvements to wheel fitment and quality. The performance on the track is intended to match the original Mini Pin tyre and this tyre will be popular on high grip tracks.

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