Spektrum SR2010 DSMR Micro Race Receiver

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Key Features

  • Improved antenna design optimizes RF signal strength
  • Reliakote™ water-resistant coating provides electronics with protection from water, fuel and motor spray
  • Compact, fuelproof case and lightweight design allow for installation in nearly any car or truck
  • Equipped with the DSMR™ frequency-agile surface protocol
  • Micro size
  • Fastest response rate (5.5ms frame rate)
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Antenna tube holder built right into the receiver case
  • Waterproof

Product Specifications

Type: DSMR
# of Channels: 3 (2 in 5.5ms mode)
Modulation: DSMR
Band: 2.4GHz
Length: 1.00 in (25.5mm)
Width: 0.70 in (17.6mm)
Height: 0.50 in (13.6mm)
Weight: 2.0 oz (5.5g)
Voltage Range: 3.5-9.6v
Antenna Length: 93mm


The SR2010 is the DSMR receiver of choice for racers who demand low latency and lightweight. Built around frequency-agile DSMR technology, the SR2010 features a new, more robust RF solution which distinguishes it as the next evolution in Spektrum Micro Race Receivers.

It will consistently deliver superb range and a lightning-fast 5.5 ms frame rates, even in places where a lot of 2.4GHz systems are in use at once. It's incredibly small footprint makes it easy to mount on most any chassis. Plus, you get the extra protection of a waterproof Reliakote™ conformal coating that seals its electronics from the elements and other corrosives like nitro methane or motor spray.

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