Spektrum SRX200 FHSS 2-Channel Receiver

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The SRX200 is a 3 Channel 2.4GHz receiver that operates on the FHSS modulation. It is a low cost solution to upgrade your RC Cars, Trucks , or boats to the interference free world of 2.4GHz radio technology. Made for the STX2 Radio system (SPMSTX200) , users can expect a fast response and outstanding range with this budget friendly radio system. It is conformal coated to help prevent damage from water, dust and other elements. Features an extra-long antenna lead for easy and effective antenna placement.

NOTE: The STX2 and SRX200 utilize the FHSS 2.4GHz protocol and are NOT compatible with Spektrum DSM, DSM2 or DSMR transmitter or receivers.

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