Tamiya 1:24 Lexux LFA V10 Roadver. w/PE-Parts

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Limited to only 500 units worldwide and coming at a bargain price of US$375,000 is Toyota's exotic sports car the Lexus LFA. Developed with the aim of creating a world-class supercar, the ultra-exclusive Lexus LFA is infused with the latest automotive technologies. It features a 4.8-liter V10 engine, a chassis equipped with a rear trans-axle, an interior which incorporates carbon fiber, and a sleek aerodynamic body.

- Length: 188mm, Width: 85mm.
- The front hood is open-able even after assembly.
- The Lexus LFA's motor has been accurately reproduced in rich detail.
- Model may be assembled with the rear wing in either deployed or retracted states. Magnets enable wing parts to be interchanged.
- Side mirror surfaces and the model's emblems are depicted with metal transfers.
- The light cases are depicted with gloss metal-plated parts for added realism.
- Wheels feature mat metal-plated finish.
- The front grille and mesh parts are depicted with photo-etched parts.
- Tires are realistically reproduced with synthetic rubber

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