Xray XB2 Factory Team Upgrade For Carpet

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Limited-quantity upgrade set to convert your XB2C into the same Spec version used by the Factory Team at carpet tracks. This complete set features all parts necessary for the upgrade: all-new rear aluminum uprights, aluminum upright plate, longer drive shafts, ball-bearings, eccentric bushings, and all necessary hardware.

The new aluminum uprights feature multiple set-up options for upper & lower roll centers. The upper roll center is adjusted at the camber linkage via shims in all directions up/down & in/out, while the lower roll center is adjustable via eccentric inserts in 9 different positions up/down & in/out.

This upgrade set was long-term tested and used by the Factory Team at major carpet races including EOS, XRS, MIBO, and other carpet tracks all around the world. The upgrade makes the XB2C more stable and increases overall side grip and forward traction. Traction under braking is also improved.

This set includes 2mm shorter rear drive axles #325340 which must be used with #329901 rear wheels (10pcs) or #329913 rear wheels (2pcs.)
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