Yokomo YD-2RX Black Version RWD Drift Car Kit (Graphite Chassis)

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R series, overwhelming acceleration with high rear traction now have new designed main chassis and upper deck. Top-level machine equipped with various optional parts called “RX” is now available! The brace that supports the upper deck has been moved slightly forward, and space for mounting the battery has placed close to the rear as possible. By making heavy objects to the rear, we have achieved the highest rear load model in the series. The front overhang bumper is made of lightweight graphite and has a weight balance that matches the current competition scenes.

  • NEW Graphite double deck chassis
  • Graphite front bumper / brace
  • Slide rack steering system
  • Aluminum Front/Rear shock tower
  • Aluminum LF big bore shock
  • Aluminum integral front bulkhead
  • Aluminum 3mm steering stopper
  • Aluminum special motor mount
  • Aluminum front / rear suspension mount
  • Aluminum light weight dif joint
  • Front / rear short sus arm


PS! Chassis kit only, does not include any electronics, body, wheels, tires etc.

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