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Hobby Boss Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B 1:72

Tootekood: BOSS87227
EAN: 6939319272270
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: 1
24,90 €
Kogus: - +
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The Kamov Ka-29 was and still is a Soviet-made multipurpose all-metal naval helicopter with a fixed undercarriage and a rare coaxial twin rotor design. The drive is provided by two Izotow TV-3-117W turbine engines with a power of 2225 KM each. The flight of the first prototype took place in 1976, and serial production was carried out in 1984-1991 at Kumiertauskie Zakłady Lotnicze.

The Kamow Ka-29 was created as a far-reaching development of the Ka-27 helicopter. First of all, the Ka-29 was intended to support landings and assaults of the Soviet marines. Therefore, the shape of the hull was changed and redesigned, with particular emphasis on its front part. As a result, the new machine could take up to 15 landing troops. Side beams have also been added for overhead weapons (e.g. 7.62mm machine guns, 82mm unguided missile launchers or 23mm cannons). The Ka-29 helicopter was also equipped with light armor (unlike the Ka-27). The Ka-29 helicopter was only exported to Vietnam.

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