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Hobby Boss M911 C-HET w/ Talbert 64T Trailer 1:35

Tootekood: BOSS85524
EAN: 6939319255242
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Hetkel otsas
119,90 €

The Oshkosh M911 is a modern American heavy truck. The vehicle entered service with the US Army in 1977 and is still in service today. The length of the car (without a trailer) is 9.3 meters and a width of 2.44 meters. The truck is powered by a single diesel engine Detroit Diesel 8V92TA with a power of 450 hp. The top speed of the M911 is 72 km / h. It is estimated that approx. 1,000 trucks of this type have been produced so far.

The M911 truck was developed and put into production by Oshkosh Corporation to replace the M746 tractor in the ranks of the US Army. In order to shorten the research and development time, the manufacturer decided to use the proven civilian F2365 truck. The main task of the M911 vehicles is to transport tanks (e.g. M47 or M60), armored vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, but also any other heavy materials. The M911 most often works in combination with the M747 towed semi-trailer with a maximum load capacity of 60 tons. In order to increase strategic mobility, the truck was designed so that it could be transported by C-5 Galaxy or C-141 Starlifter planes. The only foreign user of the vehicle is Thailand. With the large-scale introduction of the M1 Abrams in the 1980s, the M911 truck began to be replaced by the Oshkosh M1070, but is still in service.

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