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PLW Black Night

Tootekood: AMIG1611
EAN: 8432074016113
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: 6
3,60 €
Kogus: - +
   - või -   

Very dark wash specific for panels on RLM 81 and RLM 82 colors typical for German Luftwaffe aircraft during late Second World War. It is also perfect for any other tone or subject that requires a very dark panel wash. Our Panel Line Wash range is specially designed to create soft washed panel lines in aircraft, and is also perfect for other vehicles where we want to obtain subtle effects such as science fiction subjects, ships and trains. Apply on details and remove excess with a clean brush moist in A.MIG-2018 Enamel Thinner.

If you want to know more about how to use washes, click here.

Sarnased tooted
Tootekood: AMIG1602 ,   EAN: 8432074016021 ,   Laoseis: 6
3,60 €
Tootekood: AMIG1617 ,   EAN: 8432074016175 ,   Laoseis: 6
3,60 €
Tootekood: AMIG1618 ,   EAN: 8432074016182 ,   Laoseis: 6
3,60 €
Tootekood: AMIG2018 ,   EAN: 8432074020189 ,   Laoseis: 5
3,60 €