2S-4S Lipo Alarm / Tester with LED indicators

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2-4S Lipo Alarm, protect your battery from total discharge!

The 2-4 Lipo alarm is only suitable for Lipo packs of 7.4-14.8V. The permanently stored undervoltage detection triggers a warning signal when the undervoltage limit of 3.3V / cell is reached. In addition, a red LED indicates the affected cells with the undervoltage.

The Lipo test set is simple and safe to use, making it ideal for beginners or beginners of all ages.


     Fast, easy, safe
     To obtain voltage of Lipo> 3,3v
     Check each cell individually for voltage
     Dimensions 42 x 25 x 11mm
     Weight approx. 7g
     Number of cells 2 - 4 Lipo (2-4S)
     Direct connection to balancer connector

Cell voltage of a cell over 3.45V LED light green
Cell voltage of a cell below 3.3V LED light red and a warning beep sounds

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