B6 Transmission/ Bulkhead Shim Set

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B6 Transmission/ Bulkhead Shim Set

Add more front and rear tuning adjustments to your RC10B6 or B6D with the B6 Gearbox/Bulkhead Shim Set. Fits RC10B6 and B6D.

Front bulkhead shims

  • Used between the chassis and front bulkhead to lower front roll center.
  • Provides a smoother steering response and increases mid-corner steering.

Rear bulkhead shims

  • Used between the chassis and rear gearbox.
  • Optimizes dogbone angle when running at low ride height.

#91704 contents:
qty 1 Gearbox Shim
qty 1 Gearbox Shim, rear
qty 1 Small Gearbox Shim rear
qty 1 Chassis Brace Shim, rear
qty 1 Bulkhead Shim, 0.5mm
qty 1 Bulkhead Shim, 1.0mm
qty 2 M2.5x0.45x6mm FHCS, black
qty 6 M3x0.5x12mm FHCS, black
qty 2 M3x0.5x16mm BHCS, black

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