ICM Unimog S 404, German military truck 1:35

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4 Decal options:
- Upper Bavaria, 1970s
- German Air Force, 74th Fighter Squadron, Neuburg, 1970
- 5th Artillery Training Regiment, Idar-Oberstein, 1970s
- 363rd Tank Battalion, Külsheim, 1980s

The Unimog S military truck was created as a universal vehicle for the needs of the Bundeswehr. It was quite
compact, had a wheelbase of 2900 mm and a load capacity of one and a half tons. Its six-cylinder carburetor
engine with a volume of 2195 cm3 developed a power of 82 horsepower. This vehicle was very popular in
military because of good operational qualities, reliability and high cross-country ability. It was in active service
for more than 50 years and was used by the army, air force and navy, and the total number of Unimog S
received by the Bundeswehr was 36,638. The standard option was a cargo vehicle, in the body of which it was
possible to transport various cargoes or 8 soldiers. A large number of specialized military vehicles were created
on its base: radio stations, mobile workshops, sanitary and fire trucks, and even special training vehicles
imitating Soviet tanks

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