Jetko LESNAR Super Soft 1:8 Truggy Pre-glued on White Rims (2)

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The Lesnar was developed to be the most durable racing tire ever produced while being fast and precise. The low and tight pins of the Lesnar give it unparalleled traction, while having the lowest wear. It is particularly effective on abrasive or cleaned/grooved tracks.

These Jetko Lesnar 1/8 Buggy Tires include lightweight, grooved closed cell inserts.

The compounds

Red Compound: Ultra soft.
For temperatures below 10/15 ° C, or track conditions that do not heat the tires (dust, very low grip).
The softest rubber giving the most movement to the pins, generating the necessary grip in dust for example.

Orange Compound: Super soft.
For temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C, or tracks that are starting to be swept, with less dust.
The wear will be reduced compared to the Ultra Soft compound, and the tire will be held better, thus giving more precision to your car.

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