RUDDOG Crawler 550 12T 5-Slot Brushed Motor

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RUDDOG Crawler 550-size 5-slot brush motors

The RUDDOG crawler brush motors, which are now also available in size 550, are designed for all crawler fans. These come as a 5-slot variant with two different windings. The motors with double ball bearings have specially coated motor heads, replaceable motor brushes and springs, cooling vanes for the motor brushes, and they can be completely overhauled if this should be necessary during the course of their service life. The adjustable timing also allows use against the specified direction of rotation of the motor, which can be advantageous for use in vehicles with special gear arrangements.

Size: 550
Winding: 12T
Stator: 5-Slot
Voltage range: 2-3S LiPo / 6-9 cells NiMH
Dimensions: 35.75x62.5mm (+ 4mm length with front ball bearings)
Speed: 13,000rpm (@ 7.4V)
Weight: 215g

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