SkyRC S100 Neo LiPo 1-6s 12A 100W AC/DC Charger

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The S100neo captivates with its stylish and ultra-compact design, offering a maximum power of 200W for various battery chemistries (LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd/Pb) as a smart AC/DC charger. Additionally, it can be used as a power supply device. The adjustable voltage reaches up to 30V, and the current can go up to 12A.

Building on the beloved e680 charger, the S100neo presents itself with an impressive power capacity while being able to make the best of its versatility and powerful charging capabilities. But the S100neo is more than just a simple charger; it also functions as an advanced digital power supply, offering precise and efficient charging with unparalleled accuracy in both Constant Current (CC) and Constant Voltage (CV) modes. Furthermore, it allows voltage measurement without the need for an active power supply, significantly simplifying the evaluation of battery voltage. All while the vibrant color LCD screen is enhancing the user experience through intuitive navigation and easy monitoring.



  • Efficient successor to the well-known e680 charger
  • 2 inputs, 1 output
  • Max. 100W AC charging power
  • Max. 200W DC charging power
  • Time-saving charging with up to 12A
  • Easy to use 3 button controls
  • Lightweight and compact
  • With PD/QC3.0 fast charging
  • Compatible with Charger Master


Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: AC: 100-240V (50-60Hz)
DC: 6-30V
Charge Power DC: max. 200W (+- 10%)
Charge Power AC: max. 100W (+- 10%)
Discharge Power: 5W (main output) (+- 10%)
max. 20W (Balance Port, LiPo/6S)
Charge Current: LiXX: 0.1A ~ 0.5A (+- 0.1A)
NiXX/Pb: 0.6A ~ 12A (+- 10%)
Discharge Current: LiXX: 0.1A ~ 0.2A (+- 0.1A)
NiXX/Pb: 0.3A ~ 2A (+- 10%)
Balance Current: max. 1.0A
Trickle Charge Current: 50 ~ 300mA & OFF Standard: 60mA
Battery Types: LiXX: 1-6S
NiXX: 1-15S
Pb: 3S / 6S / 12S
Weight: 340g
Dimensions: 105x105x62mm
DC Power Supply
Voltage: 2V ~ 30V
Current: 0.1A ~ 10A (Voltage 2V ~ 2.9V)
0.1A ~ 12A (Voltage 3V ~ 30V)
Over Current Protection: 0.1A (+- 0.1A)
0.2A ~ 4A (+- 20%)
4.1A ~ 10A (+- 10%)
10.1A ~ 12A (+- 5%)
Power: AC Input: max. 100W
DC Input: max. 200W
DC Motor Run-in
Voltage: 3-12V
Current: 1-5A
Direction: Forward
Time: 1-60min
Protections: Motor Stall Protection
Over Current Protection
Overload Protection



1x SKYRC S100neo Charger
1x Manual

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