SkyRC T1000 maestro LiPo 1-6s 20A 450W AC/ 1000W DC Charger

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A powerful charging capacity and greatly increased speed make the dual charger T1000 from SkyRC a real highlight. Thanks to the built-in Arm Cortex-M4 chip with HyperBoost, batteries can be charged up to 20 times faster than e.g. via an iMAX B6. The slim, compact design together with the ergonomically shaped handle therefore make the T1000 a top device for beginners and professionals alike.

As a dual charger, it is possible to charge two batteries simultaneously, but completely independently of each other. An input voltage of up to 450W (AC) and even a full 1000W (DC) is used for this. Depending on the distribution and advanced charging, the charging power is intelligently and efficiently passed on to the batteries. And if only one battery is connected, it will of course be supplied with maximum power. In addition, the T1000 can also be used as a power source for other devices. In this operating mode it delivers an optimal voltage of 5-27V and an adjustable current of 1-15A. In this operating mode it delivers an optimal voltage of 5-27V and an adjustable current of 1-15A. The 1A3C PD Power Charging Hub* can also be used as an option.

Probably the greatest strength lies in the cooperation with the BD350 discharge device (SK600147-01)*. Because if the T1000 is connected to the BD350 discharger, it also becomes possible to discharge batteries at up to 40 amperes, which is worth its weight in gold with such a high speed and power. The associated "Charger Master" app also gives you a precise insight into the discharge curve and no defective battery will go undetected.

Break through boundaries with this charger that previously seemed insurmountable!


  • 2 independent charging channels
  • Up to 450W (AC) or 1000W (DC) charging power
  • Smart power distribution
  • High-contrast 2.8'' LCD display with ColorX user interface
  • Intelligent fan control
  • 20A per port for charging, 40A for discharging
  • 35A parallel charging
  • PD power charging hub
  • Available languages: German, English, Japanese and Chinese
  • Various security measurements

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage AC: 100V - 240V (50-60Hz)
Input Voltage DC: 10V - 30V
Output Voltage DC: 5V - 27V
Output Current DC: 1.0A - 15.0A
Charge Power: max. 450W (AC)
max. 1000W (DC)
Discharge Power: 10W (main port)
max. 37W (balance port)
max. 350W (external)
Charge Current: 0.1A - 20.0A
20.0A - 35.0A (parallel charging)
Discharge Current: 0.1A - 2.0A
0.1A - 40.0A (external)
Balance Current: max. 1.5A
Cells: LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV 1S - 6S
Cells: NiMH/NiCd 4S - 15S
Cells: Pb 3S / 6S / 12S
Weight: 1370g
Dimensions: 190.3 x 153.5 x 100mm

Set includes:

1x T1000 charger
1x AC power cable
1x Manual

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