SkyRC Wifi Module for SkyRC Charger & ESC

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The smartphone is also playing an increasingly important role in model making. With the WiFi module, SKYRC offers a practical device that makes it easy to operate and program your speed controller or charger via, for example, the iPhone or Samsung. All you need is the free APP from the App Store and you're ready to go.

The easy-to-use apps are available for both Android and iOS.

Up to 6 different points can be set on the controllers:

  1. Basic settings: Factory setting, Running Mode, Overheat Protection, Reverse Speed, Voltage Cut Off, Motor Direction
  2. Gas functions: Dead Band, Punch Rate Switch Point, 1st Stage Punch, 2nd Stage Punch, TH Input Curve
  3. Brake functions: Drag Brake, Initial Brake, Brake Strenght, Brake Rate Switch Point, 1st Stage Brake Rate, 2nd Stage Brake Rate, Brake Input Curve
  4. Boost: Boost Timing, Boost Start RPM, Boost End RPM, Boost Liner Slope, Boost Constraint by TH
  5. Turbo: Turbo Timing, Turbo Full TH Delay, Turbo Engage Slope, Turbo Deactive Slope, Turbo Start RPM, Turbo Activation Method
  6. Upgrade: firmware update

When used on a charger, the current data of the charging process are transmitted on the one hand, but all values can also be adjusted as on the charger itself. In addition, the charging or discharging process can be canceled or started.

Suitable for chargers:

  • D100
  • iMAX series
  • etc

Suitable for controllers:

  • 1s120
  • TS120
  • TS150
  • SC120
  • TS160
  • TS120W
  • etc.

Set includes:

  • SKYRC WIFI module for speed controllers & chargers
  • Connection cable for connection to controller or charger
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