Tamiya 1:35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-2

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In December 1939, the Soviet army formalized the KV-2 as the next-generation flagship heavy tank, incorporating a good deal of modern equipment such as diesel engines and torsion bar suspensions. The KV-2 is a heavy tank for breaking through positions that further enhances the attack power of this KV-1. The body is based on the KV-1, and the main gun is replaced from a 76.2 mm gun to a huge 152 mm howitzer. The turret has become an extremely tall box to ensure internal space. Handing over to the military began in July 1940, and more than 200 vehicles were completed. The KV-2, which struck the German invasion in June 1941, suffered from troubles such as breakdowns due to excessive vehicle weight. Nevertheless, it became an important force during the German invasion.

• This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
• The distinctive bulky form of the Russian Heavy Tank KV-2 is realistically captured in style based on
extensive research of actual vehicle.
• Road wheels are no-rib types which were seen on the KV-2 and early KV-1 models, plus return rollers with rubber rims.
• Features large-diameter idler wheels which were equipped with the early and middle production models. (The KV-1 model has small-diameter late production type.)
• The massive turret with 152mm howitzer is box-type assembly, and its surface such as armor plate and weld lines are authentically depicted.
• Main gun barrel has a realistic rendering of rifling near the muzzle.
• The lower and upper hulls, and tracks are the same as the ones of the KV-1 kit.
• Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections and recreate upper run "sag" in style.
• Choose between open or closed hatches and fender-top tool box.
• Comes with two marking options, one crew torso and one commander full figure.

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