Xray Graphite Rear Lower Arm Plate 1.6mm (L+R)

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Optional graphite rear lower arm plate easily changes the hardness of the whole rear suspension. With the plates mounted, the arms are stiffer to make the car more stable and easier to drive under high-grip conditions. The plate can be easily mounted/dismounted using only 4 screws. Whether you drive in low- or high-traction conditions, with the smart graphite stiffeners you can very quickly adjust your car to suit different conditions. At the beginning of a race event when traction is low, the arms are used without the SFATM graphite stiffeners. When traction increases, the suspension can easily be made stiffer by mounting the SFATM graphite stiffeners for more stability and easier driving characteristics. The graphite stiffeners give the car maximum stability in chicanes and allow for easier and smoother steering.

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