ICM ZiL-131 Emergency Truck, Soviet Vehicle

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The ZiŁ-131 is a Soviet / Russian off-road truck, the first prototypes of which appeared in the early 1960s. Serial production lasted from 1966 to 2002 and was concentrated at the Ził plant in Moscow.

The ZiŁ-131 was developed and put into production as a supplement and successor to the ZiŁ-157 car. Compared to its predecessor, it received primarily an engine generating much greater maximum power (150 HP compared to 109 HP), which translated into significantly better performance and a load capacity, which increased from 4500 kg to 5000 kg. In addition, a fully loaded Model 131 can also tow a 5-tonne trailer. The ZiŁ-131 has an all-wheel drive (6x6) and is characterized by good off-road ability. However, it is not very economical, because on the road it consumes up to 65 liters of fuel per 100 km, and off-road fuel consumption increases to at least 150 liters per 100 kilometers! Many specialized versions were created on the ZiŁ-a-131 chassis, such as: a garbage truck, a tanker or a truck tractor. The BM-21 Grad unguided missile launcher is also mounted on this car.

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