Academy P-47D 'EILEEN' 1:72

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The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt is an American, single-engine fighter and fighter-attack aircraft, built in a low wing configuration with a classic tail. Considered one of the best American fighters of World War II. The flight of the prototype took place in 1941, and serial production continued in the years 1942-1945. The P-47 can be described as the workhorse of the US Air Force in both Europe and the Pacific. Although the 2000HP R-2800 Double Wasp engine, turbine and exhaust system made the plane very large and heavy, it was not a barrier to achieving great performance. The usefulness of the machine was so great that it was used both for bomber escorts and for bombing missions with the P-47 in the lead role. The P-47 class is evidenced by the sheer number of aircraft produced. There were 15660 of them, and as many as 12602 in the D specification, which is an absolute record when it comes to the number of fighters produced in one version. Another common version was the P-47N, with changed wings, larger fuel tanks, and a more powerful engine. It was used both as a fighter and an assault machine. Even after World War II, the Thunderbolt was one of the most popular American fighters until the early 1950s. Technical data (P-47D version): length: 11m, wingspan: 12.42m, height: 4.47m, maximum speed: 697km / h, rate of climb: 15.9m / s, maximum range: 2900km, practical ceiling: 13,100m, armament: fixed - 8 12.7mm M2 machine guns, suspended - up to 1100 kg of bombs or unguided missiles.

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