ICM ATZ-5-43203, Fuel bowser of the armed forces of Ukraine 1:72

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The Ural-4320 is a military, all-wheel drive all-wheel drive (6x6) truck, originally Soviet, and now Russian. UralAZ plants based in the city of Miass are responsible for its production. Serial production of the vehicle started in 1978 and is still ongoing. The drive was provided by a single engine diesel KAMAZ-740.10 with 210 HP, and since 1993, JaMZ-236 and JaMZ-238 engines with 230 HP.

The Ural-4320 was developed as a modernization and development of the Ural-375D car. The main modernizations involved changing the shape and ergonomics of the driver's cabin, strengthening the structure - especially the suspension - and increasing the load capacity of the truck from 4000-4500 kg to 5000 kg. The power unit was also changed to be much less fuel-consuming and the performance was slightly improved - especially the top speed. The Ural-4320 performs in the Russian army primarily transport tasks - cargo and infantry units, both on the road and in the field. The chassis of this truck also serves as a wheeled platform for the BM-21 Grad rocket launcher.

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